Hotel & Resort Accidents

Injury Accidents at Miami Hotels and Resorts

No one likes to consider that a vacation may be disrupted by a major injury accident. Despite our best intentions — and the care taken by most hospitality industry professionals — accidents and injuries do happen.

When Miami-area tourists get hurt in accidents at hotels or resorts, the question is: Was it really an accident? Or, should someone be held legally responsible for the events that caused the injury (or, in the worst cases, the fatal accident)? Did someone's negligence cause the accident?

The question of whether a hotel or resort accident should give rise to legal action is a complicated one that requires a speedy and detailed investigation by a local attorney with significant understanding of the relevant personal injury laws. At the Dolan Law Firm, run by experienced Miami lawyer Dan Dolan, we have built a reputation as a compassionate and aggressive law office that uses strong negotiation and litigation skills to protect the rights of our clients. For a complimentary case evaluation, call (786) 401-4708.

Common Types of Hotel and Resort Accidents

Legal action against hotels and resorts after injury accidents can be based on any of several different legal theories. However, almost all lawsuits brought to achieve compensation for injury victims after an accident on hotel property are based on a legal concept known as premises liability. Stated simply, premises liability means that a property owner has a legal responsibility to keep property safe from known dangerous conditions.

One difficulty that often arises in lawsuits involving hotel or resort accidents is that the various parties involved deny responsibility and claim that another party holds all legal responsibility for the accident. It takes a lawyer with experience, patience and tenacity to sort out the relationships among the possible defendants in order to build the strongest case.

Common types of accidents at hotels and resorts include:

  • Slip or trip and fall accidents caused by spilled food in restaurants, broken sidewalks on resort property, unrepaired potholes in parking lots or other dangerous conditions
  • Criminal assaults that occur in areas of hotels or resorts that management knows are dangerous but fails to install security lighting or other preventive measures
  • Assaults by hotel or resort staff due to negligent hiring
  • Drownings or other accidents at properties with poorly trained lifeguards or no lifeguards
  • Injuries caused by recreational equipment in poor repair or operated by untrained amateurs — such as parasail, Jet Skis and windsurfing equipment

Free Case Evaluation in Person or by Telephone

If you have already returned home but are seeking legal advice after a hotel or resort accident in Miami, we can conduct the initial interview and much of the subsequent work over the telephone and Internet.

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